Sharon Block

 Sharon started in the travel industry in 1983. While booking a cruise  and land vacation to Mexico with a local travel agency she asked so many  probing questions that the owner asked her if she would like to be  trained as a travel consultant and work for her agency. That was the  start of a new career and a passion for travel. 

Since then she  has been fortunate to not only travel all over the world but also live  in Japan and Hong Kong.  She has traveled extensively to Asia,  Australia/New Zealand, Israel, the United Kingdom, Italy, France and  Eastern Europe.

One of Sharon’s special interests is cruising.  She has sailed with most cruise lines and has placed clients on a  variety of itineraries – from intimate ships of  50 passengers up to  mega-liners of 4,000 passengers plus. Sharon is a certified Master  Cruise Counselor.

Her own experiences have allowed her not only  to get to know the best places to visit but to also develop itineraries  that are the best suited for her clients’ specific needs.

Sharon  works with clients all over the United States and has a number of  clients outside the U.S. as well, assisting them with all aspects of  travel from airline tickets to personalized individual touring. Her  follow through and attention to detail helps ensure her clients receive  the best possible travel experience.

Prior to entering the travel  industry, Sharon worked in the dental profession and holds a degree as a  Registered Dental Hygienist.

Her philosophy is simple: a commitment to providing her clients with the best counsel and the best service at the best value. 

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