Marla McCandless

 I am a lover of luxury and I strive to get the very best for my clients, at the very best prices. This usually means that I call in favors from many of the relationships that I have made with my decade of agency experience. Whether that means an upgraded room or something extra for you on your vacation, it is my goal to make sure your experience exceeds your expectations. That is something an internet booking site cannot do! My favorite is planning honeymoon and anniversary trips for this reason! I specialize in booking luxury travel for both cruise and land travel destinations. I have sailed on over 30 cruises and have traveled on ships and cruise lines of all sizes. I want to use all my experience to help select the perfect fit for you!
My passion for travel goes beyond airline tickets and rental cars, I want to plan the perfect travel experience that fits your tastes, schedule and budget. I know the best guides, the top hotels, restaurants, and off-the-beaten-path places that many tourists don’t get to see. My knowledge of ports and destinations world-wide, as well as my network of contacts, combine to provide you with many travel experiences that you didn’t even know existed. I do extensive research for all my clients, find the best prices for what you are looking for in order for you to get the best value for your trip. I help keep you abreast of any safety issues within your travel area, ensure you have any and all travel documentation and visas required, and have your trip completely organized before you depart.
With how busy our lives have become, I know just how precious our vacation time and budgets are to us, let me make the most of both for you and your family! 

Call me:  415.328.6976