Jeffrey DalPoggetto

"In Memorium"

My name is Jeffery DalPoggetto. I grew up in Marin County ... attended Marin Catholic 
High School and University of San Francisco where I obtained my degree in Accounting and
Business Administration.  My heritage is Italian with both my grandfather’s being born in 
Northern Italy.  As a result of my Tuscan and Ligurian heritage. I have a passion for Italy.
Whether it be food, wine, art, culture, architecture, or language. I have a love for things Italian.

My  first international trip was to the Orient after I graduated grade  school. Whether it was the airplanes, hotels, sightseeing, diverse food  and culture. I was bitten by the travel bug.

While in high school  I got my first job working at Greenbrae Travel.  The owner took me  under her wings and personally trained and taught me all the facets of  the business.  The way I was trained and the time devoted to me just  aren’t available the same way.  I spent months assisting Rae Rutledge  helping out on client bookings.  Within 6 months I was able to start  taking on clients and trips. That was over 40 years ago.  My passion is  creating that dream trip for a client.

I have created my "Black  Book" of contacts around the world.  These are the people that I entrust  my clients trips to. Whether it be that hotel General Manager that can  assign the perfect room .. or that guide in Paris that can show you a  behinds the scene tour of a Parisian bakery that makes those buttery  flaky croissants.. I can make your dream trip a reality.

I have  travelled to almost 70 countries around the world.  I have flown on  everything from a glider to the Concorde from New York to Paris.  I've  tented it up on Mt. Kilimanjaro and luxed it in a One Bedroom Pool villa  at Amankila (David Beckham and his wife had previously stayed in this  same villa).  I've flown in First Class on many international carriers  and also on budget airlines. 

Let my past experiences and contacts help create that special trip.  If you can dream it ..

I can create and arrange it. 

Call me:  415.596.5205