Alyse Cori

My name is Alyse Cori and I have been  in the travel industry for more than 25 years. I was born & raised   in New York and moved to Novato, California in 1988 and then to Sonoma  in 2010. I have one son who is in his early 20's and an aspiring  musician. 

I  began in the travel industry as a flight attendant for a charter  airline which enabled me to travel to Europe on extended stays. I then  worked in human resources and hotel departments for two other airlines.  My track record with airlines was not very good as each airline I worked  for went bankrupt! My experience as a travel consultant has been much  more successful!  I learned to specialize in corporate travel, groups and meetings when I lived in New York. When I moved to California, I began working part time in a leisure travel agency. My group expertise gave me the opportunity to arrange travel for rock bands on tour such as the Grateful Dead, Primus, Rusted Root, Art Garfunkel and the Cranberries, to name a few. 

The  entrepreneur side of me finally kicked in and I decided to open my  own agency, Travelwize, in 2006 in order to specialize in the areas of  travel I felt the most passionate about. My focus is on arranging theme  groups, fundraisers and corporate meetings onboard cruise ships, family  and friends reunions, honeymoons, male & female only getaways,  active biking, hiking, and kayaking trips, scuba diving, luxury cruises  and tours, private jet tours throughout the world. 

By  having traveled on land & sea throughout most of Europe, parts of  South and Central America, Hawaii, Mexico and numerous islands in the  Caribbean, I am able to offer key insight to the variety of travel  options that await you.  I am a sponsored racquetball player with Ektelon, an avid Scuba Diver, recently remarried (August 2007), enjoy traveling the world actively, spend time on my boat, enjoy going to spas, a vegetarian (not vegan), enjoy life and most of all, helping to make travel dreams come true! 

In  life, some people make things happen, others watch things happen, and  some wonder what happened. If you want an agency that can make your  travel dreams become reality, become a Wize Traveler. Find out for  yourself why Wize Travelers use Travelwize. 

References gladly provided